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2 ways to bring data into SmartSuite

smartsuite Apr 26, 2023

In a perfect world, all your data and information would be processed through one system. But until we reach that perfect world, you're gonna have information living in other places that you need to bring into SmartSuite in a clear and concise way. So let's see how we can easily import data into your SmartSuite bases from outside sources. 

In this video, I'll break down the two main ways you can import information into SmartSuite. You'll see how easy it is to map data from a spreadsheet and only add the specific columns of data you need. I'll also showcase Zapier and how you can import data when it gets added from different databases.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • What type of imported data are you working with?
  • Example 1: Importing data en masse
  • Preparing SmartSuite for import
  • Mapping and importing data into SmartSuite
  • Example 2: Ongoing data import
  • Confirm Native Integrations
  • Building an automation in Zapier
  • Working around Zapier's limitations
  • How to Get more help!


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