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Airtable Attachment Field Changes (Upcoming Nov 2022)

airtable Oct 03, 2022

Have you heard about the upcoming changes to the Attachment Field in Airtable? Are you unsure if these changes will impact your workflows?

In this video I walk through what Airtable has shared with us about these pending changes. The way that the Attachment Field works will definitely go through some sweeping updates, but not everyone will be impacted. For those of us who are impacted, we can act now to minimize the damage this will have on our workflows.

After outlining the upcoming changes, I also go through two examples. In the first example, I showcase a workflow that will not be impacted by the pending update. Then to contrast this, in the second example I showcase a workflow that will need to be recreated or it will be impacted when the new changes are released.

Hopefully this information will help you best prepare for the updates that will be here on November 8th, 2022.

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