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Airtable vs Softr: Unpacking the Best No Code Interface 🔍

softr May 29, 2024

Decoding your No code App Decision: Airtable versus Softr

The world of no-code business automation tools is constantly expanding. With so many options at your disposal, it may seem daunting to select the right software. In this blog post, we aim to simplify your decision-making process by comparing two popular no-code tools - Airtable and Softr.

Understanding Airtable and Softr

Airtable, specifically Airtable interfaces, holds a special place in the automation field as its versatility and power have made it a staple for various businesses. On the other hand, Softr has made its mark by providing a spectacular front-end capability in the no-code landscape.

However, it's essential to note that we're not necessarily asserting one as superior to the other. Our goal here is to provide you with insights into where these tools fit depending on your specific project needs and use cases.

Contextualising Airtable's Advantages

The power of Airtable lies in its comprehensive features, from database components to an array of internal automation components. Airtable Interfaces especially shine when it comes to setting up front-end experience, providing users with the ability to control what data other team members can see and edit.

Softr's Proficiency on the Front-end

Softr stands head-to-head with Airtable when it comes to front-end application building. The tool lets users build elaborate portals for different use cases - both internal workflow management and external client-facing applications. A key distinction between the two is the licensing model. Airtable charges per user, which might not be ideal for businesses looking to create external-facing apps.

Softr fares exceptionally well in this arena by not charging per user. It allows businesses to share the application with multiple external users without additional fees. Thus, if your needs involve creating applications for large external user bases, Softr might be the better choice.

The Comparative Differences

Softr scores with integrations that Airtable lacks, such as a native integration with Stripe for payment processing. In addition, Softr promises more advanced and conditional permissions than Airtable, allowing businesses to set different permissions based on user roles.

Softr also impresses with its new feature, conditional forms, a tool not yet available on Airtable's native form system. The software furthermore surpasses Airtable when it comes to custom domain and brand cultivation - it offers extensive customisation control for businesses, something missing in Airtable interfaces.

Mobile Accessibility and Web Applications

Both Airtable and Softr provide a seamless viewing experience across devices. However, Softr stands out due to its options for deploying as a Progressive Web Application (PWA). A PWA allows users to download your custom web application for a more personalised and branded experience.

The Question of Data Storage

While Airtable requires you to store data within its platform, Softr is database-agnostic. This means you can import data from various sources and still create a comprehensive front-end experience with Softr. This feature can prove to be a significant time and cost saviour, especially if you've already built reliable data infrastructure.

The Bottom Line

The decision between Airtable and Softr boils down to your specific business needs and use cases. Internal tooling and full-control over database systems might lean towards Airtable, while external-facing applications needing advanced permissions might find better service in Softr.

The no-code landscape offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses, with the key to automation success lying in using the right tool for the right job. Keep in mind that the right choice today might not be the right choice tomorrow, so stay flexible and open to change.

And should you require professional help in creating the perfect no-code application for your business, remember, expert support is only a click away.

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