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Analyze data in SmartSuite with this new AI feature ✨

May 17, 2023

It’s now time to show you the SmartSuite AI feature I’m currently most excited about: having AI analyze our data and present it to us! This is an incredible feature that SmartSuite is developing and I’m lucky to show you this early access demo. While there are a few bugs in this Alpha showcase, it’s really exciting to see where these AI tools can go with SmartSuite!

In this video, I’ll show you how SmartSuite is using AI to help generate data analysis in your solutions. You’ll see how this feature can quickly generate chart views for you based on specific data inputs. I’ll also discuss why we need to reel in our expectations with AI and why many of these features require us to be better communicators with it.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Reviewing our AI-generated solution
  •  Why you might want to use AI to analyze data
  • Where to access the AI support
  • How to improve your AI outputs
  • Working around an Alpha Bug with AI
  • What analyzed data looks like
  • Refining AI-generated data
  • Further limitations of using AI at the moment
  • Curbing our expectations with AI


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