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Build Your Own Company Intranet in Minutes with Softr! 👩‍💻

softr Feb 07, 2024

If your company is searching for an effective intranet solution that allows updates and communication to flow smoothly amongst team members, you've landed on the right page. In this blog post, we'll dive into how you can build your company intranet in mere minutes using no code. Exciting, isn't it? If you want to build your own Company Intranet please check out our affiliate link here.

Leveraging No Code for Company Intranet

Before we proceed, let's understand what a no-code approach means and why it's becoming increasingly popular. As the name suggests, a no-code approach to software and application development requires no coding skills. The primary tools used will include pre-existing templates and drag-and-drop functionality, making it a perfect solution for businesses without an extensive tech team.

In this strategy, we'll specifically use a template from Softr, a powerful no-code platform known for its user-friendly interface and extensive features. Softr is a front-end solution for designers and builders, which integrates seamlessly with Airtable to create a robust backend for data management.

Building Your Company Intranet: Step-by-Step

The primary strength of no-code platforms like Softr and Airtable is your ability to implement them quickly and efficiently. Here’s how you can begin:

  1. Choose your Template: Softr offers an array of templates for various applications, including building a company intranet. This template incorporates features like company news updates, an employee directory, document management, internal discussions, employee recognitions, and event management, among others. The layout can be modified to suit the needs of your company with an easy toggle feature.
  2. Data Sources and Back End: The backend of your application forms the foundation, and in our example, this is created using an Airtable schema. The first step is to authorize the connection between Softr and Airtable, and then copy the base to your Airtable account. Doing this creates the required data schema that Softr will use to create the front end of your company's intranet. With the click of a button, all the necessary data components for the intranet— employees, teams, news, events, feedback, resources, files, posts, and comments— are created automatically.
  3. Front End with Softr: Once the backend data schema is connected, Softr facilitates the creation of the front end— the part of the application that your users will interact with. You’ll see a drag-and-drop interface listing the different pages that make up the application; each component brought in by what's called a 'block'. These blocks direct the content flow on each page, referencing the data from Airtable for their information.

User Management and Control

Softr allows easy user management and control. Any changes made by users are reflected in the Airtable database— ensuring the frontend and backend are always in sync. For instance, employees can update their contact details and these changes will automatically update in Airtable.

Each user gets a personalized magic link, which not only authorizes their login but also supports user impersonation for testing the interface. This link permits only appropriate edits— for example, employees can only update their information, thus safeguarding the data of other team members.

Your Company Intranet Dashboard

After publishing the application, the company intranet created is comprehensive and dynamic. It provides users quick links to events, resources, and teams; an updated stream of the latest news; upcoming events; and company-wide discussions. A hierarchy map also exists, showcasing the teams and employees within those teams.

The news and events section allows users to stay updated with recent developments and upcoming events in the workplace. Similarly, the discussions page serves as an excellent platform for brainstorming ideas, while the recognition section promotes positive engagement within the team.

Wrapping Up

Whether it's sharing news, recognizing peer achievements, discussing ideas, or managing events and resources— a company intranet can do it all. To give your team a space that keeps them connected and engaged, why not consider building your own company intranet using Softr, and experience the benefits firsthand?

Above all, with the no-code approach, you will not just save resources but also create an empowering space for team collaboration and engagement. And if at any point you feel stuck, remember there are professional services available to assist you on this journey. Happy building!

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