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Building a front-end for SmartSuite in EasyPortal

smartsuite May 24, 2023

One major drawback of SmartSuite is the lack of a front-end solution to share your data with others. But thanks to EasyPortal (a new no-code tool that integrates seamlessly with SmartSuite), you’ll soon be able to build a user-friendly interface without granting guests access to your SmartSuite data. Let’s take a look at this early-access software and see what to expect once this goes live! 

In this video, I’ll introduce you to EasyPortal and show you what this frontend solution for SmartSuite will look like. You’ll see what EasyPortal can currently do and see how quickly you can build an interface for guests to share information with you. I’ll also show you a workaround to a current error that happens in this early access program.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Creating a portal in EasyPortal
  • Drilling into the table page
  • Building a page from scratch
  • Adding SmartSuite Applications to a page
  • Determining a view for EasyPortal
  • How to add content to Easy Portal
  • Early beta issues workaround
  • Establish actions 
  • Setting visibility

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