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🃏 Collecting Responses for Your Poker Tournament like a Pro! | SmartSuite Automation Tutorial

smartsuite Sep 13, 2023

 Automation is becoming increasingly popular for streamlining processes and saving time. In this video, we will explore how you can collect responses from a large group of people automatically within your database. We will use a personal use case scenario of sending out invitations for a poker tournament and recording attendees' responses. By leveraging no-code tools, such as SmartSuite and Fillout, we can easily set up this automation. So, if you're interested in learning how to do this, keep reading as we break down the process step-by-step.

Part One: Setting Up the Invitations

To begin, we need to set up our invitations in SmartSuite. This involves creating a scenario where we have a tournament and a list of active members. When a member is active, an invitation is created for them to attend the upcoming tournaments. We are primarily interested in knowing whether we have received a response from each member and if they will attend. In SmartSuite, we use yes/no fields to represent these two responses. It's essential to differentiate between a "no response" and a "no attendance" to accurately track the data.

Part Two: Using Fillout for Responses

To collect responses efficiently, we integrate our SmartSuite solution with Fillout, a powerful no-code form software. By doing this, we enable members to update their response by filling out a form. To set up the integration, we create a new form in Fillout and connect it to SmartSuite's database. We choose the "update a record" option since we want to update existing data, not create new records. To proceed with the integration, we copy the form URL from Fillout and paste it into a formula field in SmartSuite. This URL will be used to trigger the update when a response is received.

Part Three: Sending Invitations

Now that our automation is set up to update responses, we need to send out the invitations to members, directing them to fill out the form. Inside SmartSuite, we can choose the preferred communication method, such as email or SMS. Since we have members' email addresses stored in the database, we opt to send invitation emails. However, if you prefer text messages, you can set up a Twilio account and automate SMS notifications. Within the email template, we can customize the message and include the tournament details and a unique form URL for each member. This ensures that every member receives personalized invitations.

Part Four: Enabling Attendee Responses

Once the members receive their invitations, they can easily respond by clicking on the form link within the email. This takes them directly to the form page, where they can indicate their attendance preference. By selecting "yes" or "no" and submitting the form, their response is instantly updated in SmartSuite. This seamless process allows for efficient tracking and monitoring of attendee information.


Utilizing automation in your database can vastly improve your data management and save time and effort. In this video, we demonstrated how to collect responses from a large group of people automatically using no-code tools like SmartSuite and Fillout. By setting up invitations, integrating the form software, and sending personalized invitations, members can easily respond to the invitation and update their attendance status. This ensures that you can effectively track and monitor responses within your database. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to drop a comment below. Start implementing automation in your database today and streamline your processes like never before.

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