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Create a full data schema in SmartSuite with AI

smartsuite May 10, 2023

SmartSuite continues to roll out some incredible new features with its integrated AI. This video covers the new feature that allows you to build a solution through AI! If that sounds too good to be true, then check out as we put this new functionality to the test and see how fast and useful the AI-generated solution is!

In this video, I’ll show you what to expect with the new AI-generated solution feature inside SmartSuite. You’ll see just how fast it takes for AI to build out a solution and see what it develops in this current testing phase. I’ll also share my opinions on how this tool will affect No-Code consultants and why I think this will actually be a good thing.

In this video we’ll discuss

  • How can we build a solution with AI?
  • Writing a prompt for SmartSuite AI
  • Timed Building Test
  • Exploring AI generated solution
  • What to expect from SmartSuite AI in the future
  • How this tool will affect No Code consultants

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