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Create a Simple Dashboard for Your Pipeline

airtable Sep 30, 2019

Recently, I shared how you can build an automated process to document your payments as you receive them for your company. Accounting software is great at doing this already, but the part that it usually misses is its inherent lack at tracking the possible business that you have in your pipeline.

Quickbooks, Xero, and Wave (among others) are awesome tools at organizing your financial data – but their main purpose is to record financial transactions that have already happened. This makes them worthless at producing a glimpse of how the business is doing today. For this, we need a dashboard that looks at our pipeline of potential deals.

In this video, I share the two most popular blocks in building a dashboard: the Summary and Chart blocks. If you’ve ever struggled with getting Airtable to help you visualize your data, you won’t want to miss this. 


When I worked in corporate finance, I had to run reports and build dashboards from scratch on a consistent basis. I can’t express enough how much a tool like Airtable would have absorbed half of my workload!

The beauty of an Airtable dashboard is that you only have to build it once! From there, it will automatically update to reflect the underlying data. There is no need to remap the settings or tweak the input variables – all of this happens behind the scenes once you’ve created the right structure.

Stop fighting with your data and start making decisions that grow your business. But first, build a dashboard!

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