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Create an Invoice in SmartSuite using the Document Designer

smartsuite Jan 25, 2023

We’ve already mentioned how impressive SmartSuite is at rolling out new features. Today, we are privileged to explore the alpha access to SmartSuite’s upcoming Document Designer! This has so much potential and could be a game-changer for many once it goes live. While we just focus on building an invoice, there are so many possibilities with this, and we can’t wait to get into this!

In this video, you’ll learn about SmartSuite’s upcoming Document Designer and how it can build invoices for you. I’ll go through the design features and how to add customizable data that will automatically update for new invoices. You’ll see how to set up formulas and line items to make it easy for SmartSuite to pull your data for you. While this is a demo in alpha, this is a great look at what the future holds for the Document Designer!

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Structure for creating invoices
  • Setting up line items
  • Creating a PDF in Document Designer
  • Adding line items to the document
  • Adding prices per unit
  • Relative position
  • Adding additional info to the document
  • What the finished product will look like
  • What can you do with a document template?

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