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Customize the look of your no-code web-app

softr Feb 28, 2024

Customizing Your Web Applications with Softr: An In-depth Guide


In the age of digitization, businesses are constantly looking for ways to enhance their online presence. Your online assets, particularly, web applications, play a significant role in representing your organization's unique identity. Yet, when it comes to building custom applications, many businesses hit a wall. They wish to keep their unique branding consistent but often lack the necessary tools to execute their vision. Enter Softr, a tool offering fully customizable, no code web application solutions.

An Overview of Softr

Softr is an incredible no code tool, perfect for building custom front-end applications. Wherever your data resides, be it Google Sheets, Airtable, HubSpot, or another source, Softr allows you to design how you want your users to interact with your data. This unique customization extends to ensuring that users have their own unique experiences based on their roles and the control you grant them over editing and deleting functions.

The true star of the Softr suite, however, is its robust customization tools. These tools allow businesses to design and build the look and feel of their web application without writing any code. Let’s delve deeper into how this magic happens.

The Power of Customization Tools

Softr's customization tools lend businesses the ability to control the look and feel of applications on two levels - the holistic application level and the individual block level.

Customizing at the Application Level

Working on a meta level, Softr enables businesses to control the default styles and colors for all blocks, thereby creating consistency across the application in terms of text sizes, fonts, font weights, colors, layouts, and more. This ensures that everything from button roundness to website width aligns with your brand’s established visual guidelines.

Customizing at the Block Level

For those companies that wish to refine the look further, Softr offers block-level customization. Blocks are components in Softr that can be individual sections of data, text, or images. While the application-level settings guide the default aesthetics, each block can be further tailored to meet specific needs or preferences. Be it tweaking padding, changing a background color, adding a border, or adjusting the text's aesthetics, everything can be completed in real-time.

Adding the Final Touches

Final touches can make all the difference to the overall look and feel of your web application. Within Softr, not only can businesses adjust and update the aesthetics in their header block through the home page, but also change the images displayed on their websites. Softr's rich asset library allows for uploading custom logos, images, and elements. For those in a pinch, the AI bot within the software can generate visually compelling assets to suit their needs.


In a world where each business strives to carve out its unique niche, customization is key. Softr empowers businesses to build visually appealing web applications that mirror their unique branding. Its dual level of customization, along with its extensive asset features, give businesses the flexibility and control they yearn for when building custom applications. And, with Softr's no code promise, these powerful tools are accessible to all, regardless of their technical prowess.

Now, isn't that a software solution worth exploring?

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