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🔎Deep Dive: Reviewing SmartSuite's Latest Q1 2024 Updates!

smartsuite Mar 15, 2024

No Code tools have been game-changers, drastically changing how businesses operate and deliver their services. One such tool that is rapidly catching steam in the No Code space is SmartSuite. It's an innovative platform with a wide range of features and functionalities. This blog will dissect the updates and enhancements SmartSuite has introduced in the first quarter of 2024.

SmartSuite: A Tool for Today and Tomorrow

SmartSuite has proven to be an efficient and user-friendly No Code tool. From database components to automation and advanced permissions, SmartSuite has championed the cause of better business practices. Focussing on releases made during the first few months of 2024, an array of new features are available to users.

Record Cover Image: Bringing Visual Clarity

A standout feature introduced in January 2024, "Record Cover Image" is an impressive integration. With this feature, users can now add a cover image to their records. This is especially handy for industries like real estate where visual representation speaks louder than words.

Record Section Description: Organized and Clear

Another revolutionary feature is the Record Section Description. This offers the option to include descriptions for different data sections in a record. For example, if you have a contact record with separate sections for personal and work information, you can now add a description to each section.

Showing and Hiding Tables: Enhanced Data Controls

SmartSuite allows users to hide tables not accessed regularly or the ones they prefer to limit access to. This feature is ideal for decluttering your user interface and ensuring data confidentiality.

Dependency Subfield Accessibility and Automations

With SmartSuite, you can track dependencies between records and process their information separately in a grid, just like a linked record. The new "find" action in SmartSuite's inbuilt automation functionality also lets users find single or multiple records and use their values in subsequent actions. Also, SmartSuite allows for automatic merging of duplicate records, a vital feature for data maintenance and consistency.

Making the Most with Automation

SmartSuite also presents remarkable advancements in automation. For example, it’s now easier to append, replace or clear existing values in fields via automatic updates. Additionally, the software provides the facility to add descriptions to views, enhancing their specificity and user-friendliness.

Integrations and Formulas: A Powerhouse of Functionality

The final quarter of 2023 saw SmartSuite introduce some brilliant improvements in integrations with Make, providing better functionality in tandem. Likewise, there have been modifications for formula functions on related records and time tracking log fields, simplifying complex data structures and making the platform even more powerful.

The Takeaway: An Evolution in Progress

SmartSuite has genuinely upped the ante with the host of features, enhancements, and upgrades it has introduced in 2024. The promising platform continues to grow, making strides efficiently and expeditiously. It's an evolution in progress – evolving beyond spreadsheets and transforming how businesses operate.

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