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Enhance your Airtable forms with Fillout

airtable other software Jan 23, 2023

Every software has its limits, and AirTable is no exception. In Airtable, the native forms can be a bit limiting if you need to customize information or restrict data on forms without paying for everyone to be a user on the base. This is a case where you need to look at 3rd party software to help make your Airtable workflows even smarter. So, if you're in need of a program to help customize AirTable’s native form structure, then look no further than the topic of this video: Fillout!

In this video, I will be breaking down a 3rd party software, Fillout, and how it can be integrated with your Airtable Forms. I’ll showcase a specific situation showing why you may need this 3rd-party software to work with Airtable. You’ll also learn how to map data between the two programs and how to set filters to restrict form data.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Why your Airtable structure could use a 3rd party program
  • What is Fillout
  • Integrating Fillout and AirTable
  • How to assign databases in Fillout
  • Building form elements in AirTable
  • How to build a form in Fillout
  • Applying Filters
  • Testing Form submissions


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