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Exploring our Content Production Process built in Airtable | Part 1 of 2

airtable Feb 06, 2023

Are you curious about how a fully developed Airtable base can optimize your workflow? It can be very complicated and very daunting, but once you have it set up, the payoff will be worth it. At GAP Consulting we just want to make sure we practice what we preach, and want to showcase our own fully developed base that helps us develop, track, and even post content! 

In this Part 1, you'll learn about GAP Consulting's Content Base and how we use it to streamline our video content production. I will break down the different tables we use and what their purposes are. We'll go over the automations and more in-depth on views in part 2 soon!

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Structure of GAP Consulting's Content Process
  • Linking and Creating Files through Google Drive
  • Social Media Schedule Tables
  • Production Process Tables
  • Partner Tables
  • Storing Colors & Logos
  • Our Production Template
  • Interfaces
  • What to expect in part 2

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