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Filtering Views in Airtable with new Condition Grouping

airtable Oct 11, 2021

A new feature release from Airtable is making it easier than ever for you to build complicated filters in your views. Prior to this feature, complicated filters required sublemental formulae consisting of (in many cases) robust logic. However, the new feature removes any need for a formulaic work around! Now we can build these conditions directly inside our view filters.

In this video I walk through a three different sections to illustrate this new feature. First we define AND statements and OR statements in Airtable. From there, we move into demonstrating the "old way" of solving this complex filtering. And lastly, I walk through the steps to implement the new filters using the condition grouping feature.

If you're ready to explore complex filtering and queries for your Airtable views, check it out!

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