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How to Create a Script in Airtable (without knowing code)

airtable Oct 01, 2020

Confession time: For as much as I love Airtable, one of the biggest things that initially drew me to the software is that it was a "no-code" platform. This fit into my skillset nicely. I understood databases and automation, but code always felt just a bit out of reach for me. So naturally, I took to Airtable immediately. But slowly and over time, Airtable has been introducing bits of code into the platform, most notably in their Scripting App that allows you to take scripted actions by initiating your script.

This is always an intimidating thing for me, since code doesn't come quickly to my untrained eye. That said, I want to make the effort to share the steps I take to put 'pre-existing' code to work for my needs.

In this video I walk through how you can install the Scripting App and find access to the resources you need to alter a script to your specifications. Special thanks to the coders out there who shared their work on the Airtable forum (Kamille and Mike) - without you and others like you, non-coders like myself would be stuck in the mud.

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