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🔗 How to Integrate SmartSuite with Stripe: Part 1 | Automate Your Database + Payment Processing

make smartsuite Dec 01, 2023

Integrating your database with a payment processor can be a game-changer for any business. It allows for automation of tasks such as invoicing clients and adding new customers, resulting in significant time savings. In this video tutorial, part one of a series on integrating SmartSuite with Stripe, we will explore how to make this integration a reality.

We are huge fans of SmartSuite for database collection, Stripe for payment processing, and Make for facilitating data transfer. In this video, we will be harnessing the power of all three tools to streamline your workflow. If you don't have accounts set up for these tools yet, check out the affiliate links in the video description to start on free trials.

Before we delve into the integration, I want to invite you to join our automation training. Whether you are new to no-code or just starting with automation, our training covers the core fundamentals that will help you save even more time in your role. You can find the link to the training at

Now let's get into the heart of the integration. We'll be building from scratch, starting with creating the necessary data collections in SmartSuite. To align with Stripe's structure, we need to understand how they organize their data. In Stripe, each customer or invoice recipient has their own object. Therefore, we'll create two separate tables in SmartSuite to track these objects - one for customers and one for invoices. These tables will be related since we only want to send invoices to existing customers.

If you already have an existing CRM solution or similar setup, you can add onto it as we build this integration. For this example, we'll start from scratch. We'll create a table called "Contacts" to track the individuals we interact with and a table called "Organizations" to track the companies we serve. To establish a connection between the two, we'll link the organization with multiple contacts.

Now that we have our data collections set up, let's move onto integrating with Stripe. Within Make, we'll find the Stripe application and select the desired action - in this case, creating a customer object. Since we're starting from scratch, we'll create a new customer object. We can fill out the necessary information for the customer, such as name and email, using the data from SmartSuite.

Once we run this module, it will create the customer object in Stripe. However, it's crucial to bring the data back into SmartSuite. By updating the record, we'll store the Customer ID generated by Stripe for future reference. This way, when we need to interact with the customer in Stripe, we'll have their unique ID readily available.

To test the integration, let's imagine we need to update a billing contact. In SmartSuite, we change the contact from Jane to John. Behind the scenes, SmartSuite will send an email to Make, which will create the customer object in Stripe and update the corresponding record in SmartSuite with the Customer ID. This seamless integration ensures that all relevant systems stay in sync.

In part two of this video series, we'll explore how to create invoices for customers and send them automatically. This will make the payment process even more efficient and accelerated.

We hope you found this video valuable. If you did, please give us a thumbs up and leave any questions or comments you may have. In the meantime, keep building and automating!

In conclusion, integrating your database with a payment processor like Stripe can provide significant time savings and increase efficiency in your business operations. By leveraging tools like SmartSuite and Make, you can automate tasks such as creating customer objects and sending invoices. Stay tuned for part two of this video series to learn more about the invoice creation process. Don't forget to check out our automation training to learn the core fundamentals of no-code automation.

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