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How to two-way sync Airtable bases with Whalesync

airtable other software Jan 16, 2023

It’s currently not possible for bi-directional synching natively in airtable bases. However, that does not mean it’s impossible to set up. If you want to have data instantly appear in a separate dataset, then you’ll need to use a third-party plugin. Thanks to Whalesync, we can build this functionality into Airtable now.

In this video, we’re going to discuss the Third-Party plugin, Whalesync, and demonstrate how to set up a two-way sync with separate Airtable bases. You’ll learn what a two-way sync is and why you may need to set this up. We’ll also talk about the pricing structure for Whalesync and what price level may be best for you.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • What is a two-way sync?
  • How to connect Whalesync with Airtable
  • Mapping Tables
  • Turning on the Sync and Testing
  • Pricing for Whalesync

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