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Is SmartSuite the best no-code tool? 3 gamechanging features 🤯

smartsuite Sep 19, 2022

A new no-code tools seems to drop every day. Most of them fade into obscurity as quickly as they appeared, but there's something different about this new software called SmartSuite.

SmartSuite is a relational database tool and it has the common features that we've grown to expect. You can create multiple solutions in an account, link stuff together, and automate workflows. But where SmartSuite really shines is in new features that no other no-code tool has shown us yet. These features are things you'd expect from a robust enterprise software, but they are readily available in these SmartSuite accounts that can serve everyone from the small business owner to the fortune 100 company.

  1. "My Work" - SmartSuite contains a special feature that consolidates all of your assigned work across all the various solutions. If you are assigned work in a variety of solutions, all of those assignments are consolidated in one area of SmartSuite! You don't have to go poking around in a dozen databases to get your answers - it's all in one place automatically!
  2. Link across solutions - SmartSuite has done the impossible! You can link one solution to another without requiring a synced table or another complicated workaround. This means we can now link up to any other database in our workspace with just a few clicks.
  3. Granular Permissions - If you don't want to share EVERYTHING in your database with someone, you shouldn't have to! SmartSuite lets you grant permissions at the "app" level, meaning you can share a solution with someone but not let them see specific things inside. If you have confidential information that interacts with your common workflows, you'll love this feature!

SmartSuite has just launched this year and they continue to make improvements to the software, but judging by these three features they are a serious contender in the no-code ecosystem. Check them out for yourself 👉 here! 👈

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