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Master No-Code Forms with Noloco: A Step-by-Step Guide 💡

other May 27, 2024

Get a Grip on No Code Automation with Noloco: A Deep Dive Into Noloco Forms and Form Building

In these times of emerging digital trends, one aspect that stands out is the rise of no-code tools — modular software that lets you create applications without ever touching a line of code. And of these, Noloco is a frontrunner. The flexibility, ease of use, and seamless automation of Noloco are all captivating aspects for developers and businesses alike. Today, we want to highlight a key feature of Noloco - its forms and advanced form-building capabilities.

Pushing past the basics, we dive into advanced form building in Noloco and walk you through the entire process: from setting up your basic form to creating hidden values and enabling public forms.

Benefits of Utilizing Noloco

Before we delve deeper, let’s outline why Noloco stands out in the vast ecosystem of no-code tools:

  1. Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) system auto-builds web pages based on the data you provide.
  2. The higher level of control it gives its users sets it apart from other form-building applications.
  3. Offers the option to create public forms for external users without requiring them to log into the web application.

Creating your first Form in Noloco

To begin creating a form in Noloco, we start at the ‘Content’ table. In a case where an application has to create a new piece of content from within, forms provide the solution.

Upon creating the form, Noloco accommodates fields such as the video title, scheduled date, software, playlist, and call to action on each video, among others. By toggling on the selected fields, a user has full control over what data appears on the form.

For instance, on the software field, it links to a database of diverse software from which the user selects the appropriate option when setting up the form.

Dive Deeper: Customizing Your Forms

Diving deeper into customization, Noloco avails options to validate field inputs, hide input fields, and set default values, among others. For instance, you can apply hidden values to keep the input field hidden but still capture and store information through the form.

Furthermore, for data crucial to the form, Noloco allows you to highlight these as required. This feature ensures the necessity of such data before form submission. It also includes a conditional requirement where the field is only required if a prior condition is met.

Also noteworthy is the excellent control that Noloco gives over form appearance. It only reveals a hidden input field when its conditions are met, enhancing user interaction only when necessary.

Enabling Public Forms

A game-changing feature is the ability to enable the form to be publicly available. This feature implies that the form can capture data from people who don’t necessarily have access to the primary application – a crucial aspect for businesses looking to collect data from the public.

The process involves publishing the form at Noloco and providing a unique URL that can be shared with the public. This level of flexibility ensures seamless data collection on a secure platform.


In the no-code tool space, Noloco impresses with its feature-rich, extensive forms and form-building capabilities. Besides providing thorough customization options, it empowers users to create forms that cater to their specific needs - making it a go-to choice for data-intensive businesses.

Interested in the amazing capabilities of no-code tools and how they can revolutionize your data handling? Connect with us today, and let’s explore Noloco to benefit your business workflow.

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