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New Feature Alert 🚨 Airtable App Quickstart: A Real-Time Exploration & Review!

airtable Feb 12, 2024

The digital world is constantly innovating and evolving. This holds true for Airtable, a beloved tool in the no-code community, which has recently added a new feature—Quickstart for apps. This feature has been in the making for over a year and it's finally time we take a deep dive into its potential impact.

Understanding the Basics of Quickstart

One of the most exciting facts about Quickstart is its ability to allow you to build your app in just a few clicks. In addition, it introduces template components into your system quite easily. Quickstart is currently in its beta phase meaning it's showing promising potential for upgrades and improvements based on user feedback.

Building an App using Quickstart: A Step-by-step Guide

To utilize this new feature, you first need to navigate to your Airtable dashboard where you can start building something new. Therein lies the option for app Quickstart which would then lead you to answer some questions establishing the kind of app you want to build.

The feature breaks down the app types into five major categories: marketing and creative, product development, project management, IT and support, and UX research. According to your selection, Quickstart then lets you choose up to five components you want in your app. What's interesting here is that you can switch between categories and select different elements according to your needs.

Post this, Quickstart moves you onto the next stage—choosing app workflow templates. This allows you to directly set automated functions in your app. Moreover, you have the liberty to choose whether you want to import existing data or start from scratch.

The Nitty-Gritty of Airtable's New Feature

What stands out the most about Quickstart is how efficiently it builds and interlinks tables based on a few selections made by the user. Depending on your choices, it creates several tables and associates them together—a commendably powerful capability.

The real question, however, is whether this feature is yet capable of producing a ready-to-deploy app with just those few clicks and selections.

Quickstart: A Game Changer or Just a Nice-to-Have Feature?

The advantage of building an app in Quickstart is its speed. But this quick setup might also pose potential drawbacks. Firstly, the feature might provide more than what's needed, leading to unnecessary noise in your use case. Secondly, the haste might cause a lack of thorough understanding on the user's part about their process, leading to creation of an app without fully understanding its functionality.

The launch of Quickstart has certainly brought about some healthy skepticism. While it's a promising addition, whether it will evolve into a game-changer highly depends on user feedback and how Airtable implements it.


While the new Quickstart feature certainly offers an efficient approach to building apps in Airtable, it remains to be seen whether it can replace a meticulous fall-to-spring creation process. As the tool continues to evolve, it will no doubt become an increasingly valuable resource for both new and experienced Airtable users alike.

Quickstart is undeniably an innovative feature, but like every tool, its true value is realized when wielded with a clear understanding of the process involved. And for that, professional services can provide a reliable solution.

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