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SendGrid Email Block Updates

airtable Jul 06, 2020

We've discussed emailing from your Airtable databases at length in the past, but in this post I'm going into detail about two specific features, namely (1) using HTML from Airtable and also (2) leveraging Airtable views to send to segments of your list.

The SendGrid Block is among the more powerful blocks that Airtable has created. This block allows you to send email directly from your database to a select group of people. As you'd expect, the block also allows you to include dynamic fields inside your message and subject. For example, you can address your emails (Dear NAME). The other really great function of the SendGrid Block is that it allows you to send email in bulk. For example, if you have hundreds or thousands of records inside your database, you can email them all at the same time, without ever leaving your database.

This block has been available for some time now, but the new feature that Airtable recently implemented really takes the block to the next level. You can now embed HTML code in your emails!

Before this option was available to us, there was no way to embed a link in your email, or change font, size, or justification. To put it bluntly, the block was so rudamentary that it wasn't a preferable option due to the lack of customization available within the email body. HTML code changes all of that. Also, in this video, I show you a Pro-Tip from one of our GAP Developers in terms of getting clean HTML code for your emails!

The other big focus of this video is emphasizing the importance of using Airtable Views to segment your emails. With proper strucuturing of views, you can send emails that pertain to subsections of your email list to ensure that your messaging is constantly relevant.

There are plenty of email options available to us all, but if you want a seamless email experience without ever leaving your Airtable database, definitely check out the HTML option within the SendGrid Block!

Oh yeah - and here's that Airtable formula:

IF(Status='Client - Closed',IF({Last Payment}=BLANK(),'Payment Due',IF({Total Payments}=1500,'Paid in Full',IF(DATEADD({Last Payment},1,'month')<TODAY(),'Payment Due','Good Standing'))))

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