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Sending Email from within a SmartSuite Record

smartsuite Feb 08, 2023

Did you know that you can email directly from a record inside SmartSuite? You read that correct. SmartSuite will be releasing a new feature that allows you to email from SmartSuite without ever switching over to your inbox. This a fantastic new feature that I am so excited to explore with you in this alpha access video! 

In this video, I will expore the new email feature within SmartSuite. I test out what happens when you send an email from a record, and what happens when someone responds to it. You'll see how to activate the email function when this feature goes live. You'll also understand why this is such an amazing feature that SmartSuite is putting out for you.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Why you would want to email from SmartSuite?
  • Gaining access to the email function
  • Creating a new email
  • Hardcode email field
  • Filling out an email in SmartSuite
  • What happens when you reply?

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