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Summarize Data and Automatically Link Tables

airtable May 16, 2022

When getting summarized data from Airtable, it's common to use a rollup field. In many instances, you may need to create a specific table for rolling up the data you want to summarize. For example, you may want to look at the total number of hours of labor scheduled for a day, but without linking to a "Daily Summary" table, you can't rollup the data you want!

In this example, I walk through how to build a summary table and how to build a two-step automation that will keep all data properly linked to the correct summary. With this automation, any change you make to your data will quickly be visible in your summary. In order to ensure success for this automation, I recommend converting your trigger to a text, or string, output. To achieve this, I also showcase a formula in this video that helps with this step in the process.

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