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Tips for Formulas in Airtable

airtable Nov 14, 2022

Writing formulas in Airtable doesn't have to be difficult... This training walks through my biggest tips for creating beautiful formulas, even if you're a beginner to formula writing! Watch the training and follow along below as I break down these steps into smaller, manageable pieces.


Break it down into smaller steps

When writing a formula in Airtable that has multiple components, start by breaking things down into the basic components. In this example I have a logical component working with a mathematical component. I build both of these out as two separate formulas to start, which helps me validate that each component is working properly.

Use placeholders to ensure accuracy

When building formulas with multiple components, use simple placeholders in your formulas. In this example, I use "1" and "2" to denote two different output options. This helps me test that the formula is working properly before moving on to the next step.

Consolidate into one formula

Once your independent formulas are working properly, it's time to consolidate! Copy the formula from your second (or third, or fourth) component and paste it into the preceding formula. In our example our second component was the mathematical portion, so this gets copied and pasted into the logical component. This should replace the placeholder variables you used in earlier steps.

Format your formula output

Don't forget to go into your final formula to verify the proper formatting. In our example, we want our output to display as a "currency" so make sure to go into your consolidated formula and access the formatting tab. From here, choose the appropriate format from the dropdown.

Test your final output

Now with a consolidated and properly formatted formula, be sure to run a few tests before moving on. Change a few variables in your sample data to make sure that the formula output adjusts accordingly.


Remembering these steps can help you move from formula newbie to formula pro - start implementing these tips today!

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