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Top Keyboard Shortcuts for Airtable

airtable Oct 12, 2020

Have you ever watched someone work inside a software and their fingers moved so quickly you couldn't even keep up with them? I was one of those users in Excel - in my previous life I used Excel for about 90% of my work and I was fast! Getting fast in a software isn't done by accident - there are deliberate steps you can take to improve your speed. To get faster, your primary goal should be to keep your hands firmly planted on your keyboard. Every time you move a hand to your mouse, you're slowing down your efficiency! In fact, I had a boss who used to threaten to take my mouse away, just to encourage me to learn more keyboard shortcuts!

There are many keyboard shortcuts in Airtable - secret buttons you can push that will do in a second what would have taken five mouse clicks. In this video I'm sharing a handful of the most valuable shortcuts and also letting you know where you can get a full list of shortcuts that Airtable publishes. How much time are you able to save by implementing these tips?

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