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Track Project Completion in Airtable

airtable - beginner airtable - intermediate Oct 14, 2019

Project management is a massive undertaking – one that I couldn’t possibly do justice in a brief 15 minute YouTube video. That being said, there are definitely some factors that must be included with any kind of task tracking software. Often, I’ll speak to people using Trello or Asana, and they’ll explain to me how they need information to travel between their Airtable and their productivity software. I always ask the same question: “Can you explain why you aren’t using Airtable to track your projects as well?”

The short version is this… if you’re using Airtable in conjunction with a productivity software – there’s very likely an opportunity to remove the latter, saving you on your software expenses as well as the headache of getting two different platforms talking!


This video goes into an example of tracking tasks that relate to a project. The initial set-up is relatively simple (projects have a relationship to tasks that can be marked as ‘complete’). But that’s only the first step! From there, we build the ability to track a project’s status, entirely by monitoring the tasks assigned to it. The elegance of this solution is that it doesn’t require any Zapier automation – this entire system is entirely housed inside of the Airtable database!

With this solution, you get a granular view of the pending tasks in addition to a macro view of the current projects. The end result is a fully enclosed solution that gives you clear visibility into your various projects – both current and previous.

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