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Unlocking Amazing Potential with SmartSuite's New Formulas 👍

smartsuite Feb 02, 2024

Are you using SmartSuite for your project management? If not, this blog post might just be the final nudge you've been waiting for. SmartSuite has just unlocked new formulas which have the potential to take your no code automation skills to a new level. Today we're going to delve into a few of these newly introduced features and show you just how you can accelerate your current workflows.

Unboxing New Formulas in SmartSuite

SmartSuite's upgraded software now allows us to calculate things we couldn't even fathom before. This is not just an update – it's an unlock of immense potential that could make it an essential part of your project management toolbox. If convenience and efficiency are what you seek, you’ll want to continue reading as we unwrap the power of these new formulas.

Understanding Key Features of SmartSuite

Before we start exploring the new elements, it's essential to have a firm understanding of SmartSuite's core capabilities. One of the unique features of SmartSuite is the ability to create a checklist within any items. Each new deliverable added to the system can be launched with a defaulted checklist, easing the maintenance of records. For any item on the checklist, you can assign people and provide a due date. This level of systematic organization provided by SmartSuite now can be enhanced by harnessing the new formulas.

New Formulas: Amplifying Insights

The real game-changer is the new formulas which can provide additional critical insights from the fields. Let's say you would like to know how many open items are there on a particular checklist without doing the math manually. The new checklist COUNT function might just be your holy grail. This function lets you tally the exact data you're looking for from a checklist field and provides you with on-the-spot information regarding tasks assigned to a particular teammate, overdue items, and more.

Understanding Checklist COUNT Function

To understand the function better, we'll dive into an open item and assign them to a person, putting in due dates as well. The date assigned can be yesterday, today, or sometime next week, and each state has its visual indication. The system now empowers you to calculate the total number of items, the number of tasks assigned to a particular team mate, and even tasks which are incomplete and overdue, all using the checklist COUNT function.

Taking Action with Data

What’s powerful about these formulas is that they can be harnessed to build dashboards featuring charts, graphs, and other types of necessary reporting. Visibility into who is overburdened, the number of tasks due within a given period, or the quantum of overdue tasks can help make informed decisions for your team.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You'll find many such exciting new tools and functions on SmartSuite’s latest update. You can now dive in and start exploring, building, and optimizing.

Need Assistance?

Building such systems might seem daunting, especially if you're new to no code automation. But worry not, we're here to help. Feel free to reach out to our experts if you're seeking guidance on these new SmartSuite features or anything in relation to no code automation. Together, we can conquer your process challenges and automate your workflow.

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