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Keep Views Organized with Folder Permissions in SmartSuite

smartsuite Mar 29, 2024

Taking the world of no-code applications by storm, SmartSuite unveils a groundbreaking new feature that sets to tremendously enhance user experience - The folders and permissions function. The ability to seamlessly organize views into folders and determine who can access them is not just another cool function; it's actually a novel way to navigate data. Read on to uncover how this game-changing feature unlocks new potentials in SmartSuite applications.

The Folders

Supercharge your data management game with SmartSuite's new Folder feature. Imagine managing a plethora of views, creating a countless array of visual snapshots of your data. However, finding the precise view you're looking for can become a daunting task, especially when dealing with large quantities. This new function enables users to effortlessly sort their views into designated folders. Now, rather than clicking on ‘Create view,’ users can simply hover over it to find the ‘Folder’ option. Once named and created, you can then drag and drop your views into your new folder making your data infrastructure more manageable and navigable.

The Advantage

But the magic doesn't stop there, what truly propels this feature into the limelight is the ability to exercise intricate control over folder permissions. Initially, all new folders are set as shared with everyone who has access to the solution. This doesn’t put your data in the public domain, nor does it share it with everyone in your SmartSuite account. It merely means that anyone who has been given access to the solution can see your folder and all the views nested inside.

The Permissions

However, to heighten data security in the digital age, the real power lies in the careful assignment of folder permissions. Customise access selectively by naming particular team members, or even assigning entire teams or roles. Practical scenario: You've created a folder specifically for your finance team. This feature allows you to ensure that only team members assigned to ‘Finance’ within SmartSuite will have access. Nobody else will.

Furthermore, you can also grant folder access roles based on ‘full’ or ‘editor access', for more granular control. This gives organizations unparalleled control over their data, promoting optimal team functioning and data transparency.

In Conclusion

SmartSuite’s recent addition of this Folder and Permissions feature revolutionizes the way we interact with and manage our data on a daily basis. Besides bringing better job clarity, this new function allows us to tailor our applications to better suit the needs of our teams, thereby streamlining the operations of different departments within your organization. From organizing views to granting precise access rights, this feature gives an unprecedented level of control over data.

With such a powerful tool now available at your fingertips, the only limit is your imagination. Start embracing the future and unlock the full potential of this extraordinary feature today!

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