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Unlocking New SmartSuite Functions – Level Up Your Data Calculation 🚀

smartsuite Feb 09, 2024

With the latest update from SmartSuite, the possibilities have expanded excitingly. Smartsuite has released a set of brand-new functions that can dramatically change how you calculate stuff in your linked records. If you want to know more about these new features and how they can help you - read on!

Powerful Functions that Simplify Your Processes

One of the victories here is that these powerful tools make it much simpler to manipulate and extract the information you need from your records. Before, it required a multiplicity of steps and detours to get the same results these SmartSuite functions make possible in just a few clicks. The implications for productivity and efficiency are immense.

The first function allows you to bring back a specific value from your linked records. So, for instance, let's say you have a project that links to numerous expenses and you want to identify the expense that was most recently submitted. With this function, it’s as easy as writing a simple formula. The fields and linked relationships are all you need.

Adding More Functionality

But that’s not all, the second function allows you to bring back multiple values from your linked records. This lets you pull together, for instance, all the amounts from your expenses, then arrange them by date in descending order. Keep in mind, whenever using this function, it needs to be combined with either an aggregate or join function.

Refining Your Queries

The biggest achievement with these advanced functions is the capability to narrow down and fine-tune your queries. You can now deal with only the top three values in your linked records. This can be extremely useful in avoiding information overload when you only need a small, specific subset of data from your database.

For instance, you may have numerous expense reports but you’re only interested in the sum of the top three most recent expenses. A simple change in your code from descending to ascending order can transform the output, giving you the sum of the oldest three expenses.

Save Time and Energy

All these functions once required arduous and complicated workarounds, such as multiple lookups and linked relationships, to achieve. But Smartsuite’s advanced functions allow you to simply transcribe a formula or a code and have your needed data right at your fingertips. The update compacts the multi-step process down into a few short clicks and keystrokes, freeing up time and energy for other tasks.

This new release from Smartsuite makes organizing and automating tasks in your environment both simpler and more powerful. The new functions, from bringing back a single value to bringing back multiple values to manipulating those values further--all these functionalities meld together to form a tool that can reshape how you work with data in a SmartSuite environment.

If you’re feeling stuck while exploring these functions, remember that help is just a click away.

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