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Using Record Templates in Airtable | New Feature Alert 🚨

airtable Apr 17, 2023

Airtable has just released a new feature called the Record Template! Now you have the ability to apply pre-filled fields, and link records and databases to save you more time. This is a super cool feature, and I'm excited to walk through it with you so you can start applying it to your business!

In this video, I’ll break down how you can use the Record Template feature when building out an invoice structure. You’ll see how detailed this template can be as I set several pre-filled fields, and show you what happens when you actually apply this to a database. I’ll also go over some of the initial limitations at the time of this video and offer a few suggestions on how to work around them.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Where the Record Template is
  • Building a Record Template
  • Adding Relative Date Settings
  • Applying the Template to a record
  • Breaking down Data Schema
  • Limitations of Record Templates (at the time of this video)

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