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Views in SmartSuite for Beginners

smartsuite Mar 01, 2023

SmartSuite is an amazing tool that allows you to organize your information and get a single source of truth and tie all that data to automations as well. But if you are not familiar with the basics of how to access this information, you’ll probably just be left more confused than before. Luckily, that’s exactly what this video covers. So if you need to understand the basics of viewing data, then check this out! 

 In this video, I will discuss what a view is within SmartSuite, and show you how it can help you organize your data. You'll learn about the different kinds of views and how to access them. I also break down why you need to use views in your SmartSuite Apps.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Explaining SmartSuite terminology
  • Accessing views
  • The purpose of Views
  • Options for a standard view
  • Ways to sort, order and filter data
  • Additional customization of Views
  • Confirming no information was deleted
  • How to get more help!

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