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Visualize Data with Noloco Calendar, Timeline & Gantt Charts 📅

other Mar 04, 2024

Building user-friendly interfaces, especially those that require sophisticated date representation, is no easy task. However, it becomes approachable and less daunting when you use the right tool. Among the several no-code tools available today, Noloco stands out. It not only simplifies the development of custom no-code apps but also allows a unique representation of dates in numerous engaging ways.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or a beginner making your first foray into the no-code world, this guide shares how you can utilize Noloco to create intuitive interfaces that break down complex data without requiring a single line of code.

What Sets Noloco Apart?

Ideal for hyper-organized project management, Noloco allows you to visualize dates and times in three impactful, easy-to-understand ways: calendar, timeline, and Gantt charts. Collect, analyze, and present your data more comprehensively while providing your users with aesthetic, highly functional front-end interfaces.

Visualizing Dates with Noloco

To demonstrate how effectively Noloco handles data, we'll be using a straightforward database. This database of projects and tasks showcases start and end dates, status, and assignment, among other features. Let's delve into each of the three different ways Noloco displays dates and times based on your needs.

1. Calendar

Arranged just like any regular calendar, this view displays your tasks color-coded according to the project they're assigned to. Click on a task, and you'll notice that you can view all the details related to it in a popup card. The information shown on this card is entirely customizable, giving you control over what details need to be emphasized or minimized.

2. Timeline

Similar to the calendar view, the timeline view presents your tasks in a standard timeline. Instead of a conventional calendar layout, it spans horizontally, allowing you to track task durations more effectively. You can view individual tasks, alter settings, and have complete control over what data appears here.

3. Gantt Chart

As one of the standout features of Noloco, the Gantt chart takes task visualization to another level. Projects and their associated tasks are arranged with dependency lines indicating the order of task completion, an innovative feature that sets Noloco apart from other no-code tools.

Configuring Your Own Custom App

The success of using Noloco depends largely on properly configuring the back end. Each of the three views can be set up by choosing the respective layout—Calendar, Timeline, or Gantt—and mapping the start and end dates to your data.

You can also specify the default view mode, the title, and how you want the tasks grouped. For instance, the tasks in our sample database grouped by project. Additionally, Noloco allows you the option to enable the drag-and-drop feature, facilitating easier adjusting of task dates.

Only the Gantt layout calls for one extra step—configuring a dependency field to display the task sequencing lines. This feature sets the Gantt chart apart, making it more comprehensive than the timeline view.

In Conclusion

Whether you're storing data in SmartSuite or Airtable, Noloco's robust front-end possibilities will impress you. It puts you in control, not just in terms of what tasks can be edited by users, but also how they're viewed. More control means a better user experience and improved project management. So why not use Noloco to build your next no-code app?

While reading this post has hopefully given you a solid understanding of what Noloco can do, remember that if you feel stuck or need assistance, professional consulting services are available to help you navigate through your no-code journey. The support you need to continue building and improving your no-code apps is always just a click away.

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