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Gareth Pronovost was working in corporate finance in 2017 when he was unexpectedly laid off from his position. As an avid Excel user, he was frustrated by the endless sea of spreadsheets and reasoned that there were better ways to manage workflows. He started exploring new tools and he soon found Airtable, thus realizing the power no-code software.

In an effort to learn more about these tools, Gareth took to YouTube. He was surprised to find that there wasn’t much content out there to help him along the way. So, he started teaching himself how to use the software and simultaneously publishing his own YouTube videos documenting what he was learning. Almost immediately, clients started calling and asking for help and GAP Consulting was born.

Today, GAP Consulting has a team of over 20 project managers, developers, and consultants. We have helped thousands of clients reach their goals in no-code, with services like courses and templates, hourly consulting, and custom development projects. 

We are honored to have been trusted by large corporations like ServiceNow, Disney, and Madison Square Gardens. However, we are also equally focused on helping small and medium businesses. Our belief is that no-code software levels the playing field in business and empowers even the smallest organizations to build their own applications at a fraction of the cost of coding software. It is our mission to help you organize and automate your business leveraging no-code tools.

Lisa Bates

"You are very easy to understand and the pace of learning is great. I love that there is one example project to always tie back to at the end of training course modules."

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Unlock the full potential of Airtable with this free crash course. This course includes formulas, automations, linking and more.


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