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Airtable is a no-code software that unlocks so much potential for the citizen developer. It has best in class options for three distinct categories that are needed for practically every no-code solution: Data Storage, Automation, and User Interfaces.

Data Storage is Airtable’s greatest strength. It offers a cloud-based database solution that works perfectly in any browser. Airtable allows you to link tables across your databases so that your data is all connected, allowing you to extract actionable insights from your data and eliminate the need for redundant data entry.

Automation in Airtable is streamlined and flexible. Following the rules of all no-code automation tools, Airtable automation is built with one trigger, followed by a series of actions. Each automation is capable of automating data inside of Airtable, as well as reaching outside to integrate with other 3rd-party tools. For example, Airtable can connect with Salesforce, Google Suite, and much more!

User Interfaces in Airtable allow you to share your solution with your team in a way that makes sense. Each user has a customized interface that shares only relevant information with them, filterable down to those things that are assigned to each user. Interfaces in Airtable allow you to assign specific details regarding who can create, view, and edit existing data. With interfaces, you can control the flow of information within your organization.

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Unlock the full potential of Airtable with this free crash course. This course includes formulas, automations, linking and more.


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