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Zapier is a leading no-code automation tool that can move and update data throughout your organization. Often, our clients require integrations with other systems and software applications. Whether it’s passing financial data from your payment processing system, updating tasks for your team, or onboarding new employees with specific information, Zapier can allow you to automate the flow of information.

Zapier is built on a tried and tested framework for no-code automation, namely triggers and actions. Triggers in no-code software are the conditions under which an automation will commence.

With Zapier, you can build your triggers with drag and drop tools without the use of any code. Once a trigger is activated, the automation is engaged - what happens next is identified as Actions. An action step can be any distinct interaction with a piece of software. For example, an action might include sending an email, updating an invoice, or messaging on Slack or MS Teams. Almost all cloud-based software has a connection to Zapier, meaning you can build automations to streamline your work!

Another key component of automation in Zapier is the understanding of static and dynamic data. Every automation will consist of a combination of these two types. Static data is the same every time an automation performs. For example, an email may always contain certain information that’s written into the automation. If this information never changes, it is considered static. On the other hand, dynamic data will be different every time an automation performs. For example, the name of the person addressed in the email, or the email address itself, may change based on the automation. This is possible through inserting dynamic data, essentially meaning that data from earlier steps of an automation is used, thereby allowing it to iterate or change every time the automation is performed.

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